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About Hotelbyte

Hotels and Users and only that, we have designed a blockchain platform to provide a new business model for hotels based on the advantages of Ethereum platform. We are creating this project to simplify the distribution hotels directly to the final user without any intermediates.

Our foundation has many years of experience in the distribution hotel systems and we found a lot of problems of this business model, wasting hours and hours to resolve a incoherent mappings, legal issues with the bills or fighting adjusting commercial contracts harming to the users. We designed the DHI (Distributed Hotel Interface) based on mist Ethereum browser that allows to inject our Dapps (currently in development)

So please read our whitepaper to understand our project and participate with us to create a real hotel experience.

And remember that we are the first mineable hotel platform and the first of the blockchain, we are a foundation we don't want profit of your money or time like a companies. We aren't token or ICO, we are a fork of Ethereum platform!, Let's go together to redefine the tourism world!

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Mining Hotelcoin

Our coin is the drive to get a value like Ethereum to expand the network around of the world, this coin is the best currency for the booking hotel rooms, no premined, only we have for each block a 1 HBF destinated to the foundation and 1 for a masternode (publics MN not released yet), guide of miner .


Download our wallet

With our wallet you can store our coin (HBF, Hotelcoin), pay hotels for example, so in our roadmap we've introduced a B2C Dapp that you can collaborate to design making your perfect hotel search experience. DHI - Wallet download


Buy and Sell Hotelcoin

For now you can buy HBF with Litecoin here Buy and Hold!. Anyway we are working to get more exchanges, we see you on

Hotelcoin Features
Intermediaries reconversion

The distribution platforms, comission bussiness model and others actors has a challenge to join us helping to the Hotelbyte network with a farm of Master Nodes!

Secure data

Every hotel booking commits on the private blockchain of the hotel and only the purchase reference transaction is saved on the public blockchain.

Searching hotels

Our Dapp makes easy the hotel search task for you, you only need think about the price, destination or features for a real service and not for a inflated prices.

Win rewards for your reviews

You can win Hotelcoin when you review your hotel experience, when we have the beta stage working you could write your past reviews.

Hotel pricing

You can adjust your prices directly and in real time, without any contract with third party distribution platform, helping you focusing on your real service, the hotel.

Fast payments

The payments does directly from the user to the hotel, without having to wait for those awful third-party billing cycles.

  • Q1 2018

    Project start-up, Ethereum Fork, Wallet

  • Q1 2018

    Explorer, Pools, Discord community

  • Q2 2018

    Exchanges, development of hotel search and booking functionalities

  • Q3/Q4 2018

    Development of user interface for Hotels and Users, Full masternodes

  • Q4 2018

    Marketing campaings

  • Q1/Q2 2019

    Starting beta stage, get in results to improve our platform.

  • Q3 2019

    Making a real bookings with the beta hotels. Get in touch with more hotels.

9 reward per block
13 seconds per block
0 Ethereum dependency, specific network for the hotels
400,000 Potential hotels to use our platform
Our Team
Get in Touch

Contribute with us, send your proposal, we contact with you.


We gonna keep updated it!

  • - Why a Ethereum fork?

    We love Ethereum, but the main reason is the Ethereum network, it has a lot of projects, bussiness models, etc, for that we need to create a specific network, and grow on the tourism way, in our plans we want to add a self signed contract that perfoms some validations to guarantee the purity of the network before the contract publishing.

  • - Smart contracts, where they are?

    We are developing the hotel search functionality and we want that to have the best look for initial big bang commit, so you can see our code on

  • - Where is the target of the Hotelbyte foundation?

    Our foundation has a lot of ideas, but the main is to take close the user experience with the hotel services, doing smart hotel bookings, without wasting the time with poor value concepts that we have today.

  • - Why a private Blockchain for the hotels?

    The main functionality resides in the public Blockchain, the private blockchain is only for security purposes, like your street address or your mobile phone :), but coming soon you can explore our smart contract code!

  • - Where/How to mine?

    For that please visit our official pool on openminingpool

  • - What is the DHI?

    Distributed hotel interface (like the mist browser), is a browser to find Dapps (distributed applications), we forked the Ethereum mist because we going to add more specific functionalities for the hotels on the product management.

  • - Where is the wallet?

    The wallet is a Dapp, so you can get it downloading the DHI from here, and the first step is the account creation.

  • - What/Where is the explorer?

    The explorer is a Dapp that give to you information about the network status, like transactions or accounts, so you can access only from our DHI, but don't worry, because we are designing a secure API to improve the Web3js API exposing metadata about the network in real time with the some RPC modifications (or does google chrome before XD).

  • - Where to buy Hotelcoin?

    We are in contact with some exchanges, coming soon we going to update the available exchanges for you, while you can mine or join us with your great ideas! :)

  • - What is the official community channels

    Thanks to the first contact with the community on BitcoinTalk and in our first slack channel for this recommendation.